Social Media Marketing

Paid social media advertisements are a great way to reach new clients while re-engaging with existing ones. But only if it’s efficiently completed! Otherwise with a random chance of getting outcomes, you are tossing money into a void. There are many social networks out there and it’s much more difficult to determine when and how to run ads. We will help you produce (more) powerful social advertising with our experience and expertise.

Pixel Tracking Setup

Watching the clients' actions offers useful insight into their buying process. We will set up pixel tracking across your channels and analyze the output of the outcomes, make changes as appropriate.

Ad Creation

We will create exclusive ads for every social media network. And what works on one network doesn't work on others, obviously. This will make your advertisements stand out in the market.

Audience Segmentation

Ads are a waste of money if they are shown to the wrong individuals. Therefore to ensure the relevant advertisements are shown to the right users, we will segment your audience.

Testing & Optimization

Our job is never done. We will test the ads after we have introduced a paid social strategy and continue to make adjustments in order to improve outcomes.


Map the Customer Journey

We begin the installation of all the trackers first to ensure that we can accurately measure the effects of ads. Then we start with the segmentation of the audience.

Create & Test Ads

Secondly, we’re going to build different commercials, evaluate multiple messages, photos, and target audiences. After the ads are released, we continue to optimize them until the best combination is found.

Results & Growth

Your paying social results will boost the optimizations we produce. You will see a spike in follow-up, brand awareness, and conversions to your social media. This results in more money being made.

Ready to get started with Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram social media ads?